Qubiarch is the hyperconvergent VDI virtualization open source solution. Through its innovative orchestration system, allows you to simplify and manage your IT infrastructure. According to the new smart working needs Qubiarch represents the best virtualization solution for small offices, schools, professional firms and coworking to reduce downtime risk and increase productivity.


Complete workstations. Each user accesses a safe, incorruptible, virus-proof environment


the heart of IT infrastructure. It is the engine of all services. A powerful and reliable machine in which to store user data with a level of security in line with GDPR


Shared folders, automatic backups and local cloud. But also network balancing, content filtering and the possibility of interfacing with a large number of external services


The orchestration system that manages users, virtual machines and services. The intuitive control panel allows infrastructure management by non-technical staff


Qubiarch, IT infrastructure that values ​​your work.

Qubiarch combines flexibility and customization which make it the right and suitable choice for all working contexts. Virtualization guaranteed the best investment compared to classic hardware infrastructure, both in terms of reliability, performance and cost savings in the medium and long-term.

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Why choose Qubiarch

We enclose the sector best practices: efficiency, personalization and safety but with an edge, simplicity. We want the work in the office to be free from problems linked to the operations of the IT network. We provide all the assistance in real time, the training and the necessary support by our technicians who respond promptly to every doubt. Virtualization with Qubiarch becomes the answer to digital transformation.

Qubiarch is open!

Share, learn, grow!

People didn’t ask to give up control of their own data, yet today they find themselves doing so in order to access to on-demand and cloud services. What would happen if all these helpful resources became accessible in a simple and immediate way without having to give up the control of their own information?

Our goal is to win that challenge!

We are expanding our network of partnes to create an international community with wich to share our open source code. Our goal is to enrich it with a constant innovative spirit and with new services built around the customer.
Qubiarch is a simple virtualization solution designed to be scalable and adaptable thanks to its modularity compatible with any structural evolution of the company.

Join us, we face new challenges to grow

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